The main activity of the «Development Eco» Group of Companies is active participation in the global environmental business by extensively using the capabilities of VacuumEcoDry technology to create environmentally friendly organic waste recycling facilities and to obtain environmentally friendly products based on VacuumEcoDry technology. Active replication of such industries, in order to meet the ever-growing demand in this market. The main consumers are the markets of the EEC, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, China and other countries where the ecological business is successfully developing and there is its state support.

In Russia, there is also a trend towards the development of environmental business, but it does not have such a massive development pattern as in the west and is more due to private companies than to the state. The problem of environmental safety of existing industries in Russia has been standing for a long time and requires a quick solution. The lack of significant progress in this issue is due to the reluctance of investors to finance low-profitable existing waste processing facilities and the lack of state subsidies for these enterprises.

In this case, the company considers one of the main areas of use of VacuumEcoDry technology in Russia - the processing of agricultural waste (chicken manure) into environmentally friendly organic fertilizer for its further implementation, including abroad. Thus, the company solves the problem of environmentally friendly disposal of agricultural waste (chicken manure); creating highly profitable production of organic fertilizers and entering the world market for environmentally friendly products. This takes into account the trend of constant growth in sales of this product, the price of which is 1.5 - 2 times higher than for traditional fertilizers.

The success of the group of companies lies in the policy of Global Quality, which «Development Eco» has always been farsightedly pursuing. The quality with which all areas of the company’s activities are impregnated: from design to selection of materials, ability to work with them, to the technologies and equipment used, to efficient delivery of goods and logistics, to sales service and customer service, including the entire marketing and advertising system policies.

The mission of the «Development Eco» Group of Companies is to serve the interests of society, providing agricultural producers with reliable high-tech equipment and high-quality service at an affordable price, which will make it possible to earn enough to provide the growth of companies and provide employees and shareholders with opportunities to achieve their goals.