"Development Eco" Group of Companies was established in 2006.

The main activity of the Eco Development Group is the development and implementation of VacuumEcoDry technology - the technology of vacuum drying of organic waste.

In fact, the history of the Russian manufacturer of high-quality innovative equipment VacuumEcoDry for processing and recycling began long before the official registration of the company.

The theoretical foundations of environmentally friendly and energy-saving vacuum drying technology were developed in 1995-1999.

Since 2001, practical steps have been taken to develop the technology of vacuum drying in various industries. During this time, the technology and equipment passed all the stages of testing from a laboratory sample to manufacturing of the VacuumEcoDry serial industrial installation in 2007.

The scientific novelty of VacuumEcoDry technology is protected by patents in Russia, Spain, and Germany. The technology was not only scientifically recognized, but also recognized as a leading technology unparalleled in the field of environmentally safe processing of agricultural waste by specialists from the Research Institute of Agriculture of Russia, such as VNITI of poultry, VNIIA Pryanishnikov.

VacuumEcoDry technology was awarded a Grand Prix diploma in the competition of the best innovative projects “New technologies and services for poultry and livestock breeding” held in the framework of the VIV Europe 2008 / Chicken King / Meat Industry exhibition.