The portfolio of offers. The production and supply of equipment VacuumEcoDry.

Project concept development

- preliminary analysis of the infrastructure of existing production, to agree the proposed equipment with the technical process of production;
- selection and coordination of the set of equipment supplied, depending on the tasks assigned to the degree of waste processing;

Production equipment

- equipment with VacuumEcoDry;

- a complete set of the additional equipment for preparation of a product; 

- a complete set of additional equipment for granulation, packing and packaging of finished products;

- placing orders for the production and supply of non-standard equipment;

- preparation and conduct of inspections and acceptance of equipment;

- equipment supply.

Assembly works and installation supervision

- carrying out assembly works according to the working draft;
- assessment of the preliminary work required to start the installation of equipment and the compliance of these works to the working draft;
- control of the correct installation of the equipment, the correctness of its mounting, the correctness of the connection to power sources;
- providing advice on all matters related to the installation of equipment.

Equipment startup

- debugging of the main parameters of the technological process that have a direct impact on the quality of products;
- implementation of a complex of preparatory work on the audit, maintenance and adjustment of process equipment;
- commissioning of equipment;

- preparation of documents summarizing the experience.

Staff training

- conducting theoretical training on a specially developed program;
- consolidation of the knowledge gained by the staff in practice;
- certification of personnel working on this equipment.

Warranty and out-of-warranty service

- warranty service is carried out on the basis of a contract for warranty and service maintenance;
- warranty, out-of-warranty and after-sales service is carried out on the territory of Russia by certified engineers and craftsmen;
- maintenance during the first year of operation is carried out at least once every 3 months and includes routine maintenance for checking the main systems and components;
- at the request of the client, out-of-warranty service is possible, which is carried out on the basis of the out-of-warranty service agreement, in this case the warranty period for the equipment can be extended for the duration of this agreement.

Interaction scheme