«Eco Development» Group of Companies sells organic fertilizers based on dry chicken manure dried on VacuumEcoDry equipment.

Organics produced by VacuumEcoDry equipment

The dried chicken manure obtained on the VacuumEcoDry equipment is a unique organic fertilizer in its properties. For a long time (from 3 to 5 years) this fertilizer retains in its composition, from the point of view of agrochemistry, all the beneficial substances present in the initial raw material.

Chicken manure contains all the substances necessary for the growth and nutrition of plants, and in the right combination. At the same time, if mineral fertilizers consist of the same nitrogen and phosphorus, but not in an organic form (and therefore are less digestible by plants), then the same necessary substances in chicken manure are alive, that is organic. Therefore, they are completely absorbed, even from the air, because phosphorus from chicken manure is not fixed in the soil in any form (aluminum or calcium, iron phosphates). But, the most important thing is that it is a completely safe fertilizer for humans and animals, which can increase yields up to 35%. The use of organic manure production technology from chicken manure - VacuumEcoDry - gives incomparable advantages over other fertilizers. This is not only an environmentally friendly product, but also a lower cost of production. This fertilizer is easy to apply and transport, as it is packaged in granules and in any volume. Plants well absorb this fertilizer.

Product Benefits

The results of the application of organics produced on the equipment VacuumEcoDry.

  • Much more concentrated than fertilizers on the market. The concentration of nutrients is 2-3 times greater than that of analogs.
  • Absence of impurities.
  • Ecological purity.
  • In the proposed fertilizer, carcinogens cannot be formed in principle, because in the process of its production the contact heating of the raw initial product below 100 ºС is used.
  • According to the results obtained by sanitary-microbiological researchs, the fertilizer is decontaminated from resistant pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, helminth eggs, coccidias, and there is no microbiological flora, anaerobes and weed seeds that did not loose the ability to braird.
  • It is easily dissolved in water, which allows its use in systems of autonomous irrigation of plants.
  • Simple application technology.
  • Accelerates fruit ripening for 10 -15 days.
  • Increases yield by 70%.
  • Improves the structure of the soil and increases its fertility for a long time (up to 3 years).
  • Contains all nutrients necessary for plants, that stimulate their growth, organic substances and trace elements.
  • Increases plant resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases (late blight, scab, root rot, fusarium, etc.).
  • Provides a balanced diet for all crops and creates the conditions for obtaining environmentally friendly products.
  • Restores the humus layer.
  • Optimum soil acidity is restored.
  • There are no weed seeds.
  • Eliminates mold on the surface of the soil.

NPK parameters

The concentration of useful components

Indicator Units Result
1 Mass fraction of humidity % 11,31
2 Mass fraction of dry matter % 88.69
3 рН Unit 6,73
4 Total nitrogen % 4,30
5 Total phosphorus % 2,18
6 Total potassium % 1,09
7 Mass fraction of organic matter % 60,73
8 Mass fraction of organic matter in terms of carbon % 30,37
9 Ratio C:N 6.33
10 Mass fraction of ammonium nitrogen % 0,50

The concentration of harmful components
Indicator Detected
1 Salmonella not found
2 Campylobacteriaceae not found
3 Klebsiella not found
4 Staphylococcus not found
5 Yersinia pseudotuberculosis not found


The fertilizer is intended for the nutrition of all vegetable and horticultural crops.


  • Restores soil fertility with an environmentally friendly method
  • Significantly increases resistance against all diseases and pests
  • Increases seed growth energy
  • Promotes accelerated root growth
  • Stimulates the growth of leaves and stems
  • Significantly increases the decorative flowering plants

Soil application rates:

For growing seedlings:50 g of fertilizer per 2 kg of soil.

Dry fertilizing:

Dry product is scattered around the plants or in between rows of 40-50 g/m 2, thoroughly mixing with the soil in dry weather, followed by watering.

Vegetable crops are fed 2-3 times per season at the beginning of emergence and before the start of fruiting; green - 1 time after the emergence of seedlings throughout the area; green for seeds - 2-3 times.

Fruit and berry trees and shrubs in early spring and in the phase of the green set - 40-50 g/m2 of the pan area.

Berry - 150-200 g/bush 2-3 times per season: in early spring, in the flowering or green set phase and 10-15 days after the second. Strawberries - once in early spring and 1-2 times after harvesting - 40-50 g/m2.

Ornamental plants and shrubs - from early spring to the end of July - 40-50 g/m2.

Annual flowers - from the beginning of the emergence of seedlings until the end of flowering (vegetable seeds - until fruit formation).

Perennial flowers - until the beginning of August.

Liquid fertilizing

- 1 tbsp of fertilizer per 3 liters. - water after dissolving.

Watering is done depending on the state of crops 1-2 times per season. To prepare the infusion, fertilizers are poured with water (for 200 liters of water (barrel) - 2 kg). The solution is infused (with 2-3 times stirring) for no more than 4-6 hours until the dry lumps are completely resorbed (a longer infusion leads to a loss of nitrogen), water the plants under the root. The application rate of the working solution is 3-10 l/m 2.

Fertilization rates depending on the size of the pot:

Pot diameter,cm 5 10 15 20 25 30
Fertilizer,g 0,5 1 1,5 2 2,5 3


Storage temperature from -40 0С to +60 0С. Keep in a dry place, separate from food, medicine and feed. In places inaccessible to children and animals.

Precautionary measures:

Follow the rules of personal hygiene, use gloves. Wash hands with soap after work. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and consult a doctor. The empty packages can be used in everyday life, having previously washed with a solution of water with a detergent.

Guaranteed shelf life - 3 years.

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