The decision to build a plant for processing of chicken manure was made in 2016

The construction of the facilities was started in 2017 and completed in 2018.

The capacity of processing of 100 tons per day of a chicken manure with humidity of 70%.

The total production area of 1200 square meters, the production area of 800 square meters, storage room of 400 square meters. The continuous production cycle includes:

- delivery of manure from the chicken farm and unloading it into the receiving bunker

- the loading line collects the manure from the receiving bunker and loads it into the vacuum chambers

- drying of manure in vacuum chambers at a temperature from 40 to 90 degrees C and at pressure from 30 to 250 mm. Hg

- the line of discharge of the manure collects the dried manure from the vacuum chambers and loads the manure into the granulator for carrying out the granulation of the manure with the subsequent prepackaging and packing of the manure into the necessary container.

The implementation of our proposals and developments in the field of chicken manure processing can be seen in the existing production located in the Republic of Belarus.

If you are interested in our proposal for the use of equipment VacuumEcoDry to solve the problems of disposal and processing of chicken manure, you can visit our plant and personally get acquainted with the technology and working equipment, as well as get answers to all your questions.

For arrival you just need to call:


and arrange a visit to the plant

Our plant is located at:

Republic of Belarus, Mogilev Region,

Mogilev district, Ag. Romanovichi



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