At the initiative of the poultry farming institute (VNITIP), and personally of V.Lysenko, a doctor of agricultural sciences, a presentation of the work of VacuumEcoDry equipment located on one of the poultry farms was made, in order to familiarize the leading specialists of this field with this technology.

The result of the presentation of the VacuumEcoDry equipment was the highest assessment by the experts of the study group, which included the staff of leading scientific institutions in this field, such as: VNIagrokhimiya after D.N. Pryanishnikov, VNIETUSH, VNIIVSGE, VNITIP.

"In addition to the real economic effect in the poultry farming, reliable ecological well-being will be ensured due to the absence of a source of environmental pollution - bird manure" - V.P. Lysenko.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of the company and of the scientific community agreed on close cooperation in the field of environmental safety and organic waste processing.


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